On The Double Rainbow – Ausome Charlie

Intersectional Diversity: The ‘Double Rainbow’ of Autism and LGBTQIA+ Charlie Hart, also known as ‘Ausome Charlie’ (she/they), is a popular keynote speaker, an experienced Human Resources Analyst, and an influential […]

Managing Back To School Anxiety

Back To School Anxiety

Helping Children Manage Back-to-School Anxiety Here at Sunshine Support, anxiety is one of the topics that we come across the most, especially as we approach the start of the new […]

Managing Different Needs Within the Family

Mixed Needs Blog

The task of meeting the needs of your entire family is demanding enough without mixed needs to consider; how do we manage different needs within a family effectively? In this […]

Supporting & Understanding Dyscalculia

Dyscalculia Blog

Dyscalculia – a condition that we feel hasn’t has enough attention for too long! For those of us who’ve actually heard of it, many of us still don’t fully understand […]

EOTAS – 5 Things you need to know


Education other than at school (EOTAS) can be a fantastic option for anyone who cannot access suitable education. Sometimes it’s also the only option left. There can be many positive […]

Understanding Child to Parent Abuse

Understanding Child to Parent Abuse

With the support of PEGS, we’re pleased to be able to offer support and guidance to families impacted by child to parent abuse. This is a topic that deserves more attention, rather than being stigmatised leading to families suffering in silence.

A Mother’s Journey: Navigating the Storm of Child to Parent Abuse

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a fighter. I fought to bring my daughter into this world, and I’ve fought every single day since to ensure she has the best life possible. My daughter, now in her twenties, was diagnosed with autism with a PDA profile and ADHD.

Discrimination against Parents in the Workplace

As a parent or carer of a child with special educational needs or disabilities, you may face unique challenges in the workplace. Understanding your rights and protections under employment law is crucial. 

The Equality Act 2010 provides a framework to prevent discrimination against individuals with protected characteristics. One important aspect of this legislation is associative discrimination, which can affect you as a parent or carer.