It’s that time of year again… PHASE TRANSFERS! We explain what they are and how to ensure they’re done correctly and in the best interest of the child.

When children with EHCPs move through education, from one stage up to the next, it’s called a phase transfer. This is a great opportunity for parents and carers to be involved in the consideration of where and how the next stage of their child’s education will take place.

So, let’s cover the basics… What is considered a ‘new phase of education?

The official definition (as stated in regulation 2 of the SEN and Disability Regulations 2014) is a transfer from:

(a) early years education to school;

(b) infant school to junior school;

(c) primary school to middle school;

(d) primary school to secondary school;

(e) middle school to secondary school; or

(f) secondary school to a post-16 institution.

What are the deadlines for the phase transfers to be completed by?

The new provision (the the following September) should be confirmed before the following deadlines:

Primary – 15th February

Primary years covers the following:

Secondary – 31st March

Secondary school to a post-16 institution or apprenticeship, must be completed by the 31 March in the calendar year of the transfer.

Post 16 – 31st March

For young people moving between post-16 institutions/apprenticeships, the review process should be completed by 31 March where a young person is expected to transfer to a new institution in the new academic year 

What should have happened before now?

Annual Review

The annual review process for a phase transfer should take place in the Autumn term before the phase transfer deadline to allow plenty of time for planning and consideration of new provisions, it’s important the Annual Review meeting also takes place during this term.

After the Annual Review meeting the LA has 4 weeks to confirm the amended provision for the Phase Transfer. Parents/young people have the opportunity to comment on the proposed amendment.

The LA then has a further 8 weeks to finalise the amended EHCP.

Remember, if any of the above processes are not adhered to in the relevant time frames, you have the right to complain. Contact us here, and we will help you with this.

Need help with choosing a provision for the phase transfer? Click here to read our helpful article.

What should be happening around the time of the deadline?

The local authority should have named the new provision and will issue final confirmation on or around the deadline date.

What if the Local Authority hasn’t been in touch?

It’s essential parents and carers chase the local authority for this confirmation. If you are struggling to get a response, then get in touch with us by clicking here, and we will help you.

What if parents/carers don’t agree with the provision the LA has named?

You have the right of appeal, and it’s important you use it. This happens a lot, sadly, but we can absolutely help you. Get in touch by clicking here, and we will help you.

If you have any queries at all, remember we are here to help you.

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