We empower and advocate for parents, carers, and professionals who support children and young people with SEND.

How may we help you?


We offer a whole range of services from free
downloads and resources to premium private services.



We charge for these services to cover our costs, as it can get very pricey running this sort of organisation and we are not funded to ensure we remain truly impartial.


Our highly experienced specialist educators and legal advisers can undertake work in the following areas:

  • Requesting statutory needs assessments, managing the assessment process and advising on mediation and appeals (EHCPs & IDPs)
  • Applying for disability benefits (PIP and DLA)
  • Supporting, and representing, at tribunals
  • Pre-Action Protocol (PAP) Letters
  • Advising, training and coaching educators & professionals to ensure childrens’ needs are understood and met
  • Social care and accusations of FII, including child protection

We are each proud to have that all-important lived experience that compliments our professional qualifications and experience.

But, what do Parents and Professionals think?

A recent comment from a SENCO…

“Attending this webinar was incredibly useful in helping my change my practice as an educator. I like to think I was a good SENCO but I know that had I attended this seminar before – I would have been better. There are many things that I will change tomorrow – and more that I will change in our policy as a result.”

A recent comment from a parent…

“We couldn’t have done any of this without you on side, I just thank my lucky stars every day that I came across Sunshine Supports page when we did online, or goodness know what situation I’d be in now! I think it’s just sinking in now, the relief is overwhelming! Thank you so much…”

Our Accreditations & Awards

Here is just a small selection of our awards and accredititions

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