Advice, Support, & Consultancy

We support, guide, educate, inform and empower adults who need our help when navigating their journey within Special Educational Needs & Disabilities and social care.

We support parents, carers, teachers and other paediatric professionals and do this confidently with our professional experience and qualifications which are complimented by our lived experience.

If you’d like to book an advocate please click the link below. Your case will be allocated within 1 working day.

(Our free call backs are also available, however there is typically 3-6 week wait for a call back.)

We are Advocates, Consultants and Legal Advisers

We can undertake work in the following areas:

  • Requesting statutory needs assessments, managing the assessment process and advising on mediation and appeals (EHCPs & IDPs)
  • Applying for disability benefits (PIP and DLA)
  • Supporting, and representing, at tribunals
  • Pre-Action Protocol (PAP) Letters
  • Advising, training and coaching educators to ensure childrens’ needs are understood and met
  • Social care and accusations of FII, including child protection

We work in accordance with evidence and use a variety of laws and legislation to underpin our work.

We do as much or as little as you need and are flexible in our approach.

How Our Advocacy and Consultancy Services Work?

We tailor our services according to what you need with no surprise invoices.

Sunshine Staff together at the Sunshine Hub

Our fully insured Consultants take time to understand the background of your case and create a plan of action, with you in the driving seat.

Everything we do for you is agreed up front, before the work takes place.
  • There are no surprise invoices, and we always work to support payment plans that maybe required.
  • We receive no government funding to ensure we remain impartial and not restricted by ‘red tape’.
  • Our initial call will ensure we are the right service for you.
  • You will then be given the option to sign up by way of completing a client registration form.
  • Once signed up, services are charged by the hour.  Our charges are currently £102.00 +VAT per hour
  • Professional Training – Price on Application

You remain in control of what you spend with us, just keep an open communiation between yourself and your advocate/consultant.

“As a headteacher I thought I knew how to navigate EHCPs. Little did I realise how much of what we were being told was nonsense by the LA. Sunshine have empowered my staff to the point where we have great success requesting EHCPs and the funding we are now in receipt of has helped our children beyond recognition. We cannot thank you enough! We are enrolled for regular training with you now, too”

Headteacher | England | 2023

“We were told we couldn’t get an EHCP by the school and then by the LA. Our Sunshine advocate went through our rights with us and undertook the work that was requested, within 22 weeks we had an EHCP that was fit for purpose with a specialist provision named. We cannot thank you enough!”

Parent | South England | 2022

“We had no idea what we were doing and we could get help from nowhere, then we found Sunshine Support! Now we know our rights, we have an EHCP in place and we didn’t need to attend a tribunal! My fellow SEND parents couldn’t believe how much we have achieved for our son, they thought it wasn’t possible!”

Parent | South Coast | 2023

“We were being blamed for our daughter’s presentation because she masks. We thought we were going to lose our children to the care system as the mentioned ‘Fabricated or Induced Illness’. Sunshine made sure that didn’t happen, and we have an EHCP and no social care involvement now; and one content daughter!”

Parent | Midlands | 2023

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