Designed for the whole family, we will be exploring wellbeing, our emotions, and our health through guided gentle movement and relaxation techniques.

This is a brand new in-person class, located in our very own Community Hub and we can’t wait to welcome you and have some fun!


What can you expect?

You’ll be greeted by our warm friendly team on arrival, and we will get to know you whilst you get yourself a drink…

We will then work with you as a family to explore some gentle movement, whilst learning more about how our body’s feel and how our emotions are reacting as we move… There’ll be nothing strenuous (unless you request something more active, of course!) and we will go at your pace.

There’ll be plenty of opportunities for refreshments, and you’re welcome to bring your own snacks.

We have a sensory tent and plenty of places to chill out, if needed.

What are we aiming to achieve?

We know that our mental health improves when we are connected to the important people in our lives. Life is fast paced these days, and so this is your chance to stop and connect with your children to improve not only their wellbeing but yours, too.

We will also have lots of fun as we check in with one another throughout the session, using lots of visuals and exploration of our emotions and physical feelings.

We know many children feel overwhelmed by exercise, but it’s so important to their overall health – this session will help them to make sense of their body and mind’s reactions to movement – to reduce fear and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Who will be helping?

We can’t do this magic alone, so we have a team who you’re going to love… They’re super friendly, so incredibly gentle and all well versed in the world of SEND.


Each class has spaces for up to two families of five. We keep the class small to ensure you’re not overwhelmed and you are well looked-after.

When are the sessions?

The sessions are 1 hour long at the following times and dates:

Where will they take place?

At our community hub in Derby (DE21 7SR)

What are you waiting for? Book yourself a place!