Our founder, Chrissa, has been in training for 6 months in preparation for her exercise challenge in April… All in the name of SEND!

Hello, I’m Chrissa. You may have seen me on the busy Sunshine Support facebook page or perhaps delivering a webinar or workshops; I am the founder of Sunshine Support and I have embarked on a challenge in the month of April that might just finish me off!

You see, until recently I was pretty convinced that I would likely have to resign myself to the fact that I had mobility issues as a result of the trauma I’ve experienced as a SEND parent (mainly from the absolutely draining system we have to fight for justice) and a bunch of complex health problems.

The first step to recovering from the trauma that I experienced as a SEND parent was to gain the right trauma-based therapy… And wow, what an amazing experience of self-discovery and healing that was (and continues to be). I recommend it to anyone and everyone (links at the bottom of this article).

During this journey, I recovered to the point of wanting to try and heal myself physically, too. So, 6 months ago decided I would challenge a local personal trainer to trying to help me with my mobility issues. I had no actual aim or hope, I genuinely felt quite futile about it all but really wanted to give it a go as a last ditch attempt at healing.

And what a 6 months it has been… Not only can I move more, I’m in much less pain (in fact none at all most days) and my fatigue has improved enormously.

So, what is the next step? To use my new found fitness and mobility to help our community!

In April 2022 I will be undertaking a few physical challenges to help support families who have children with special educational needs.

I will be taking part in:

I aim to raise £1000 towards our £20,000 target for 2022 which will help our community fund to help families access specialist help that otherwise isn’t available.

It’ll be no mean feat to get through April’s challenge, but I’m determined! I just hope my health doesn’t get in my way!

What is our Community Fund?

Our community fund provides financial support to parents of children & young people with special educational needs by way of:

With the price of living increasing at a staggering cost, SEND parents are even more under pressure in terms of financing what is needed to meet their child’s needs.

We would love your help to enable us to help others! Click here to donate.


Personal Trainer in Derby (with a great knowledge of chronic health conditions) – Hanson Health & Fitness

Psychotherapists (based in Derby but able to provide therapy over video link)