We are recruiting Sunshine Ambassadors all over England and
Wales, to help us reach those who really need our support.

Do you have what it takes to be a Sunshine Ambassador?

Our Mission

We provide a wide range of services all over England and Wales. We are complimented by expert teams in law, education, health and care.

We are the fastest growing independent not-for-profit organisation in the field of SEND support, advice, training and consultancy, and we are proud of the thousands of families we have helped since our inception in 2017. We do not receive money from public funding streams to ensure we remain impartial, and every bit of profit we make goes back into the communities that we support – offering direct help to children and young people and assessing their needs.

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The Role

The role is an easy one… We know our services make a huge impact on our families. So, we would love your help in reaching the communities that need us across England and Wales.

“A Sunshine Ambassador has tried and tested the services of Sunshine Support, and helps improve awareness in their networks of the services available to parents and professionals”

What does the role involve?

You will be given ongoing guidance in terms of how to improve awareness of our services, but here’s a few things that our Sunshine Ambassadors do on a day-to-day basis…

It’s simple, and whilst it takes passion it takes almost no effort at all if you’re well connected in your community…

"What will I get in return?!" we hear you cry!

Sound good? We would love for you to apply, and join us in spreading some sunshine where it’s needed across England and Wales!