Why does my child need a Speech and Language assessment with Libby Hill | 11.30am – 13.00pm


“My child speaks fine, so why do we need a Speech & Language Therapist?” 


We get asked this a lot. But there is much more to COMMUNICATION than what we see or hear in terms of speech and language. 


During this webinar we aim to develop your understanding of: 

  • What does a Speech and Language Therapist do? 
  • What makes up communication? And why might some children have difficulties? 
  • What assessments do SLTs undertake? And why? 
  • How to evidence the need for speech and language therapy. 
  • What happens if a child masks, can you still work out what is needed? 
  • Who can carry out Speech and Language therapy 
  • What sort of interventions are helpful 
  • When we might need to apply for EHCPs or Statements 

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