How to request an EHC Needs Assessment with Kelly Jarvis and Charlotte James | 15.30pm – 17.00pm


As parents and professionals who support children with special educational needs it’s essential we understand how to achieve the best support in their education, health and care. But how do we do that? 


SEND Advocate and Education Consultants, Kelly Jarvis and Charlotte James, will be covering the following: 

  • What is an EHCP 
  • Who qualifies for an EHCP and what is “the legal test” 
  • Who can request an EHC Needs Assessment 
  • How you request an assessment 
  • What does the Local Authority consider when you submit a request 
  • EHCP Myths 
  • What evidence is needed to support an application 
  • Should you invest in private assessments 
  • What should be included in an EHCP request letter 
  • How to submit a request 
  • What happens after you’ve submitted a request 
  • Who to approach for advice 
  • Time frames – how long does the process take? 
  • At what point do we need to go to appeal 

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