Selective Mutism & Demand Avoidance

Background As background, H had been described as being “Unable to talk when they are anxious” by an Educational psychologist when they were 11. I went further when they were falling out of the mainstream school system and described it as “Effectively Non-Verbal when stressed”. Another parent first used the term Selective mutism to describe […]

School Attendance Difficulties in a Post-COVID World

As we enter into a new year we are encouraged to reflect upon the past, both the good and the bad. If we should take anything from the last 3 years, it’s that we must be resilient when facing new challenges. For us as SEND Parents, this is second nature. It shouldn’t be this way. […]

The other day at breakfast I watched with horror the tragic story of the illegal incarceration of Tony Hickmott, both my wife and myself as parents of a young adult with a learning disability and autism were devastated for Tony and his parents. It was clear the family has so much love for Tony, yet […]

Preparing your Child for the Return to School

The return to school often triggers big emotions… Not just in children but adults too; both caregivers and the teachers. How can we better prepare so it’s a more positive experience for our children? Step one: UNDERSTAND YOURSELF In order to help our children, we first need to look at ourselves; for an anxious adult […]

Our New Community Hub!

We’re shining our rays into Derby, by creating a safe space for parents, carers and professionals to socialise, learn and be empowered! An organisation that provides support to parents and teachers of children with special educational needs has opened a multi-purpose community space for families in the city. Sunshine Support has moved into a 1200 […]

My Family Survived 3 Allegations of FII

It was recently brought to my attention that the first FII Awareness Week was launchingand I remember instantly feeling relieved that public awareness is being brought to this very serious, common and hidden issue. Fabricated or Induced Illness (FII) is the term used for when a parent or caregiver of someone, most commonly a child, […]

FII CASES – My Personal Experience in the Family Courts

Despite the expectation that Family Court should be ‘inquisitorial’ – with an expert agreed by all parties and acting for the Court, the system is often experienced as adversarial, and for me that has meant presenting as an expert witness has been in some cases a truly unpleasant experience. When I am instructed in Family […]

Our Mission – FII AWARENESS WEEK 2022

During the first week in May we are holding the world’s first ever FII Awareness Week. FII is the abbreviated term for ‘Fabricated or Induced Illness’ which is a term given to parents by professionals when they believe that they are ‘making up’ or ‘exaggerating’ their child’s difficulties; often with no formal evidence. The term […]